OK, so we know that those early weeks of baby arriving are wonderful, but they don’t half wreck havoc on your back, neck and shoulders.

Carrying baby around and feeding baby – bottle or breast makes us sit slightly hunched over for extended periods of time. And the weight of hormonal boobs can be a complete shocker!   Having large breasts ourselves anyway – we experienced back pain just from the sheer size of those bad boys!!

Please take a minute to study the illustration of how to carry out this a “back-saving” stretch for all mums (and dads actually).  We found that it really helps with early tension, but is also handy all the way through parenting.  Regularly carrying out these stretches will help with the strain of carrying/lifting and bending with babies and toddlers – it also helps with the ‘shoulders up round your ears’ reaction to toddler tantrums and teenage sass!

It’s a good all rounder whatever stage you are at! Try and tack it on to a routine you already have, like brushing your teeth or making your morning cuppa! Leave a post it note by the kettle or toothbrush that says ‘stretch’ to jog your memory! Illustration by the awesome @kaybarkerillustrations