We receive wonderful feedback from recipients
I loved my self-care cuddle in a box!  Beautiful items which are carefully considered to support you at each stage of pregnancy. I’ve even caught my husband using the weighted eye mask a couple of times 🙂 lovely thoughtful prezzie, loved it.

(Bespoke Box)

My friends just sent me a Pregnancy and Birth Mother Box, it was the most lovely thing to receive!

(Pregnancy and Birth Box)

Our friend is going to love her Mother Box. She’s had a tough time since her birth so this will be wonderful to receive. Thanks so much.


(Heal + Restore Box)

What a beautiful gift to have received from my lovely friend in my last stage of pregnancy. @the_mother_box is FULL of wonderful and nourishing goodies for a lady about to have a baby including an amazing tea which has really boosted my energy levels and wonderful oils for labour. Works really well with anyone doing hypnobirthing. I literally love it. Such a great gift. 

Katy Ashworth (CBeebies Presenter)

(Pregnancy + Birth Box)

Thank you so much for creating such a caring, nurturing and quite frankly validating box for women going through loss like me. I cried when I read the gift card from my friends, I cried when I saw the word mother…it was the first time I’d been called that. I cried at the unbelievably comforting words from the other mothers and I cried when I lay in the bath and eased my aching body. What you have created is so special beyond words. I just wanted you to know that 


(The Loss Box)

Dear Mother Box team I just wanted to thank you for all you do for mums and mums to be. I was given the pregnancy and birth box as a baby shower present and it was literally the nicest, most thoughtful, but also most practical present ever and I learnt SO much from the booklet, your advice was invaluable- and that lavender flannel is actually magic!


(Pregnancy + Birth Box)

My Mother Box was perfect and exactly what I needed! I read the booklet and found it really helpful 


(Brand New Mother Box)

My gorgeous Mother Box full of goodies was the perfect treat when my little one arrived – having a newborn baby is such a wonderful but exhausting time and it’s easy to forget to look after yourself, so it was so lovely to receive something that was just for me!


(Brand New Mother Box)

I received a Mother Box from my sister when my baby arrived and I can honestly say it was my most treasured gift. It’s now my go to gift to send out whenever my friends have their little ones.. thank you so much ! 


(Brand New Mother Box)

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your boxes are –  i could literally feel that herbal bath soothing my sore bits as i lay in the bath, and i think it was the first time i’d let my body let go after birth. Everything you have in there felt so nourishing, you really have nailed it girls. The booklet is my favourite- and i was saying to my husband, if your booklet is this good, then i cant wait yo read your actual book!

(Brand New Mother Box)

I received a mother box after I delivered my first baby last year and it was honestly the nicest gift to receive (and probably one of the only presents I really remember!) a wonderful reminder of how powerful mothers are as well as how much we need to take care of ourselves also (which really does get forgotten, especially in those newborn days!!) So thank you!

(Brand New Mother Box)