Tips for Managing Pelvic Pain After Birth

Tips for Managing Pelvic Pain After Birth

Ladies, please don’t put up with pelvic pain!

Contrary to what we are told, it isn’t just something we need to put up with in pregnancy, there’s a lot we can do to help it!

1. When possible keep knees and ankles together. This lessens the pressure on the pubic ligaments and eases pain and inflammation. Think SHORT SKIRT NO KNICKERS – this will help you to keep knees together!

2. SIT DOWN! Not just to rest – but resting is good, we recommend that whenever you can. But sit down to put on knickers, trousers and skirts (any bottoms basically). Stepping into these clothes shears the pelvis and that really irritates the inflammation! Sit down, step into bottoms while sitting and then stand up to pull up.

3. Tail Bone – keep it pointing down. This encourages you to stand with weight equally on both feet. If you lessen the over arching in the lower back you can’t sink into one hip (which we tend to do if we are over arched in the lumbar back) standing centred and keeping the pelvis neutral will help support the pelvis.

Caring for Mastitis & Engorged Boobs

Caring for Mastitis & Engorged Boobs

This Mother Box “Top Tip Tuesday” is to offer advice for caring for mastitis and engorged, lumpy boobs!

Taken straight from the pages of our book “The Little Book of Self Care for New Mums” – we’re sharing this again because we’ve been showing lots of our lady clients recently, so thought we’d pop it up here too.

Comb them! Yep! We did say comb them! This is a fabulous tip we learnt from a Japanese midwife many moons ago.

If your breasts are feeling engorged and lumpy or you have a hot red patch/lump – then the chances are you will have an area (or several areas) of blocked/curdled milk.

Unfortunately, this is presents a perfect breeding ground for bacteria – which can then in turn, cause mastitis.

Getting these blocks moving will help stop mastitis in its tracks and often prevent it altogether. At the first sign of lumps/red patches – before each feed, comb the breast from the outside, down toward to nipple all the way around the breast. Use a steady firm pressure, not hard enough to hurt (the correct pressure should still feel nice).

Use a little oil or moisturiser to help the comb glide if you need. . . Latch baby for a feed and they will then encourage milk to flow through the breast and suck out the curdled milk (it’s totally safe for them as the bacteria which causes mastitis doesn’t affect them at all).

Continue to comb as baby feeds, combing from the armpit to the nipple and focusing on any lumps.

You should start feeling relief quite quickly!

Repeat this process with every feed until the breast feels soft and lump free and any red patches have gone.

Drink lots of warm, herbal tea alongside combing to flush toxins from your system and keep yourself hydrated.

If the red lumps do not go, if you have a fever or are feeling unwell or have flu like symptoms – please do seek medical advice.