Self Care For New Mum Aches & Pains

Self Care For New Mum Aches & Pains

OK, so we know that those early weeks of baby arriving are wonderful, but they don’t half wreck havoc on your back, neck and shoulders.

Carrying baby around and feeding baby – bottle or breast makes us sit slightly hunched over for extended periods of time. And the weight of hormonal boobs can be a complete shocker!   Having large breasts ourselves anyway – we experienced back pain just from the sheer size of those bad boys!!

Please take a minute to study the illustration of how to carry out this a “back-saving” stretch for all mums (and dads actually).  We found that it really helps with early tension, but is also handy all the way through parenting.  Regularly carrying out these stretches will help with the strain of carrying/lifting and bending with babies and toddlers – it also helps with the ‘shoulders up round your ears’ reaction to toddler tantrums and teenage sass!

It’s a good all rounder whatever stage you are at! Try and tack it on to a routine you already have, like brushing your teeth or making your morning cuppa! Leave a post it note by the kettle or toothbrush that says ‘stretch’ to jog your memory! Illustration by the awesome @kaybarkerillustrations

Stay Calm Help for New Parents

Stay Calm Help for New Parents

This tip was taught to us by a psychotherapist we worked with years ago and is a fab coping technique for any new mamma with a baby that’s prone to having a good old scream up!
Babies cry for many, many reasons and whilst we want to hold and reassure them whilst they are crying, sometimes the sheer volume can make our blood pressure soar and rattle our brains. Such loud noises can leave us feeling very frazzled and anxious. As if this wasn’t bad enough, new mums hormones are such that we are on near-constant, “red alert” during those early postnatal months. Our sensory input is so acute that a crying baby will often sound much louder to a new mum than it would to a non-hormonal postnatal bystander (which explains why partners can often seem much calmer when trying to settle baby).
The answer… minimise the noise by wearing ear plugs! Sounds crazy at first, but try it, it really works. Pop the ear plugs in and you can still rock, cuddle and walk around with baby, tending to little one and holding them until they settle, but without the same volume of noise. Using earplugs reduces the volume going in and the stress reaction this causes, helping you stay calmer – which will in turn help baby to settle quicker! Simple, but SO effective.
Let us know how you get on with it!
Importance of Rest for New Parents

Importance of Rest for New Parents

Today’s #motherboxtotiptuesday is all about getting some more sleep when you really need it! We all know that having a baby means having less sleep, napping when we can and generally functioning daily a little tired, but what can we do when we hit a wall and we really need to sleep!? We are fans of having a couple of scheduled evenings a week where couples ‘tag team sleep’ – this allows both parents to have some undisturbed time out and it really can sort you out!

If you are breast feeding express some milk in the day and when your partner gets home from work hand baby over and go and have a nice soak and get straight into bed! (If you are on your knees, skip the soak and go straight for the face plant in bed) This is your off duty time, to sleep without your ears on stalks knowing that if baby wakes, your partner is on duty and you can sleep through it! When your partner goes to bed (we suggest around 11.30/12) they can bring baby up and pop baby by you, hopefully still asleep!

They can then sleep in the spare room or on the sofa for their off duty time! You then feed baby when they wake for their next feed, and hopefully after that you will both sleep until the morning. If you have a wakeful baby, you can swap over with your partner again in the night!

This allows you both to have a few chunks of uninterrupted deep sleep, which is the sleep that will help you to feel better and more rested! Bring off duty can also give the mind a break, which helps with anxiety and depression. When we both did tag team sleeping it went something like this.

Me: bed at 7.30 – usually out cold immediately!

Partner:feed baby at 11.00 and then settle baby next to me (I usually slept through this)

Partner- go to sleep in spare room.

Me:get woken up to feed baby at 2.30 ish and again around 6am

Partner- who had slept from 12-6 would then bring me breakfast in bed!

Everyone is getting some kip and feeling better!

Definitely worth a try!