Coping with sleep deprivation is one of the hardest challenges that new parents have to face.  When we are sleep deprived we feel rubbish and unwell. We suffer with brain fog, low mood, physical healing is more difficult, mental health can suffer and everything feels harder …. .

Always try and get some sleep where possible – Most of the time we feel so much better for it! And if we don’t feel better after a few good naps and good nights sleep, then we can reach out and ask for more help too.

Some ways of getting naps in!

1. If you have a partner ask them to go on duty for the night and you take a night off. Go to another room and sleep deeply knowing you are ‘off call’ that night. If you don’t have a partner then get a friend or family member to come and stay the night and do the same. If your breast feeding this might include expressing in advance to gets stores in place for night feeds or if baby is not having any bottles get partner to change nappy- then bring baby to you for a feed – then take baby away to settle while you steal a couple hours more solid rest ! .

2. Ask a friend to come and sit with baby while you take a nap in the day, or trade naps with another tired Mum! You watch her baby while she naps and then she returns the favour! It’s a nice way to help each other out!

3. Book a postnatal doula who will happily come and look after baby while you rest!

4. Go on- book in a good sleep now! Your body and mind will thank you ! It absolutely takes a village to raise a child so bring that village in where you can and never feel guilty!!