‘The Little Book of Self Care for New Mums’ By Alexis Stickland and Beccy Hands



Written by Mother Box founders Beccy & Alexis “The Little Book of Self-Care for New Mums” is the best-selling, survival guide to managing the emotional and physical roller-coaster of becoming a new mum!

Bringing together decades of experience from their careers as a midwife and doula, Beccy & Alexis share their invaluable tips and tricks to boost confidence, calm frazzled nerves and answer all those questions you may be too embarrassed to ask. From creating cooling “chamomile tea breast pads” to recommending stretches for aching muscles, easy recipes and quick fixes to restore your sense of humour – this is the book you can turn to in times of need!

Beautifully illustrated in full-colour, it covers everything you need to know about the postnatal period to feel supported, empowered and understood.