The Heal & Restore Box


This box is designed for women who have had a tough experience of birth or the postnatal period.

This box was created with a dose of TLC for mothers that need extra support in those early new-born days. At the Mother Box we understand that things don’t always go to plan and sometimes birth can be tough physically and emotionally, leaving a new mother feeling very fragile. It can be hard to know how to support your friend or partner at this time, and this is why we created this extra special care pack for any new mother needing a nurturing pick me up. This box is designed to encourage new mothers to take some time to care for themselves, using all of the soothing and healing products for the mind and body, and words of support and encouragement in The Mother Box booklet.

The Heal and Restore Box Contains:

  • Our Exclusive Mother Box “Heal & Restore” booklet – packed with our own tips and tricks and with gentle recovery in mind, this booklet is designed to support mum as she heals and adapts to her new role in the postnatal period
  • A beautifully delicate Rose Quartz necklace, chosen by us for its connection with healing and emotional calm. Rose Quartz has been used for centuries to support hormonal balance in the postnatal period.
  • Star of Bethlehem Bach Flower Tincture: A flower remedy known to calm the mind and encourage the body to release shock and fear.
  • A large pack of Postpartum Healing Bath salts- designed to soothe aches and pains and support healing of mum’s perineum and baby’s umbilical cord
  • Pack of “Yesmum” cards to support a new mama on her motherhood journey and to remind her that she is doing a great job
  • The Mother Box and The Herb Garden – Postnatal Tea Blend – a delicious herbal blend to settle hormones, calm anxieties and promote a sense of wellbeing.
  • Black Pomegranate ‘All The Love’ Candle: Perfect for taking time out to feel nurtured and relaxed.

The perfect gift for any new mum needing that extra dose of TLC.