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You’ve just had a baby, and whilst it’s nice being given gifts for the little one, there really is nothing nicer than somebody gifting you a care pack that’s all about you! .

That’s where we come in! .

Fancy a lovely bath with Epsom salts, herbs and essential oils to ease those aches and pains- some lovely time out tea or some hormone balancing tea for the newly postnatal mamas – how about a luxury scented candle – a yummy flapjack in many delicious flavours including salted caramel and Black Forest gateau – a calm aromatherapy roller, some soft cosy socks…and more

If it makes you feel good, we’ve probably got it in our gorgeous product range for some much needed self care.

Drop some hints or treat yourself, because let’s face it, you bloody well deserve it!

Pick and mix your own box