Here at The Mother Box we are all about honouring the postnatal period as it should be honoured and encouraging mum to rest and be cared for while she cares for baby. That’s why our new mum kits are being carefully put together with amazingly nurturing things to really support you through those early weeks, with advice and tips from your midwife and doula on how to use them.

We’ll also be talking about reframing how we approach the postnatal period and the way new mums are treated.

Whilst training with some Mexican midwives it really hit me how little nurturing and honouring of a new mum we do in the West. The midwives on my course kept referring to ‘love lines’ on our tummy. One lady enquired what they meant? Seeing our confused faces she asked what we called them? Her face was full of horror upon hearing that we call them stretch marks ‘such ugly language’ she replied! Imagine how much better we’d feel about our stripes if we grew up in a society that called them love lines!