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*post by @mixing.up.motherhood * We’ve worked with a lot of mums recently who have been giving themselves a really hard time about feeling burnt out. Please don’t ever berate yourselves for needing a break. Parenting is amazing, but it’s a lot! Especially in the current climate. . . We love how Illy @mixing.up.motherhood has laid this all out, when you see it so clearly, hopefully it’ll make you a) go gentle with yourself and b) put some stuff in place to allow you time to fill back up again. . . Mumming is hard, but there ain’t no better mum than you lovelies, so go easy. . . Repost from @mixing.up.motherhood using @RepostRegramApp – A couple of weeks ago I felt like I had essentially reached the end of my tether parenting-wise between three months of lockdown and Umar being away. I felt both physically and emotionally exhausted. This led me to look into Maternal Burnout which I felt resonated with me so deeply. I feel that it may resonate with so many others so I put it in a “pink square”! I’m still learning to navigate this parenting thing and I don’t think that learning ever stops but while doing so I always attempt to be honest with myself about how I am feeling and attempt to rid myself of any guilt for feeling that way. I know that allowing myself to feel doesn’t make me a bad parent and I am well aware that in order to parent my daughter effectively I have to look after myself and work through my feelings. Have you been feeling burnt-out? This is a judgment free, safe space to share and so please do if you want to. Illy xx

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