Importance of Rest for New Parents

Importance of Rest for New Parents

Today’s #motherboxtotiptuesday is all about getting some more sleep when you really need it! We all know that having a baby means having less sleep, napping when we can and generally functioning daily a little tired, but what can we do when we hit a wall and we really need to sleep!? We are fans of having a couple of scheduled evenings a week where couples ‘tag team sleep’ – this allows both parents to have some undisturbed time out and it really can sort you out!

If you are breast feeding express some milk in the day and when your partner gets home from work hand baby over and go and have a nice soak and get straight into bed! (If you are on your knees, skip the soak and go straight for the face plant in bed) This is your off duty time, to sleep without your ears on stalks knowing that if baby wakes, your partner is on duty and you can sleep through it! When your partner goes to bed (we suggest around 11.30/12) they can bring baby up and pop baby by you, hopefully still asleep!

They can then sleep in the spare room or on the sofa for their off duty time! You then feed baby when they wake for their next feed, and hopefully after that you will both sleep until the morning. If you have a wakeful baby, you can swap over with your partner again in the night!

This allows you both to have a few chunks of uninterrupted deep sleep, which is the sleep that will help you to feel better and more rested! Bring off duty can also give the mind a break, which helps with anxiety and depression. When we both did tag team sleeping it went something like this.

Me: bed at 7.30 – usually out cold immediately!

Partner:feed baby at 11.00 and then settle baby next to me (I usually slept through this)

Partner- go to sleep in spare room.

Me:get woken up to feed baby at 2.30 ish and again around 6am

Partner- who had slept from 12-6 would then bring me breakfast in bed!

Everyone is getting some kip and feeling better!

Definitely worth a try!

New Mum Advice on the First Postnatal Poop

New Mum Advice on the First Postnatal Poop

Let’s talk about that all important and sometimes nerve wracking postnatal poo! We all have to do it! And most of us dread it, even if you haven’t had an episiotomy or tear it can still feel a bit tender and inflamed and lots of women fear putting any pressure down there for a little while. The thing is, postnatal constipation is very uncomfortable, so don’t hold it in! And the truth is, it’s never as bad as you think it will be!

Here are some tips to help.

1/ don’t rush! Allow yourself time and space to use the bathroom uninterrupted. If you try to rush you’ll strain and if you strain it’ll be sore. Allow yourself time to sit and let yourself relax, relaxed muscles let go better!

2/ keep your mouth and jaw relaxed. There is a neurological link up between your mouth and your sphincter muscles, if you are tight in your jaw, you’ll be tight in your sphincter muscles. Wiggle that jaw and relax your lips!

3/ sometimes supporting the perineum can help you to mentally relax the bottom. Use a clean wash cloth or maternity pad and hold it against the perineum, you will most likely feel the bottom and bowel relax immediately.

4/ using a foot stall and putting your feet flat up on it while you are on the loo so that your knees are higher than your hips is a better position for pooing, this mimics the squatting position and can help if you are constipated.

5/ if your bottom is sore or you have haemorrhoids, you can make a cooling pad using chamomile tea and a sanitary pad. Steep the tea for 20 mins, pour over some maternity pads and pop them in the fridge for a few hours to cool. After doing a poo or if haemorrhoids are sore, take a pad out of the fridge and sit on it for a soothing, cooling relief.

6/ remember to stay hydrated, you need to drink lots of water in the post natal period, this will help to stop constipation.

Better out than in we say!

New Mum Love Lines

New Mum Love Lines

Here at The Mother Box we are all about honouring the postnatal period as it should be honoured and encouraging mum to rest and be cared for while she cares for baby. That’s why our new mum kits are being carefully put together with amazingly nurturing things to really support you through those early weeks, with advice and tips from your midwife and doula on how to use them.

We’ll also be talking about reframing how we approach the postnatal period and the way new mums are treated.

Whilst training with some Mexican midwives it really hit me how little nurturing and honouring of a new mum we do in the West. The midwives on my course kept referring to ‘love lines’ on our tummy. One lady enquired what they meant? Seeing our confused faces she asked what we called them? Her face was full of horror upon hearing that we call them stretch marks ‘such ugly language’ she replied! Imagine how much better we’d feel about our stripes if we grew up in a society that called them love lines!